I Taught My Daughters How To Make Jewelry, Now I Want To Teach You!

how to make jewelry

Thinking over making your first jewelry? This is something that most of us would love to add on his or her body as part elegance. Jewelry is everyone’s jam and we all love to walk around with one dangling somewhere on our body. What if you could make a bracelet, ring, or necklace with your own hands? Wouldn’t that be more beautiful? Are you ready to put your hands on it?

If you haven’t started yet, here’s how you start at it:

Pick your idea

What jewelry do you want to make? Simply think of what you want to wear. Is it a tassel bracelet, Chevron bracelet, painted Bobby-pin earrings, or is it a leather collar necklace? Only when you have a creative idea can you build something.

Gather your tools and supplies

Your tools and supplies will determine the kind of jewelry you string together. If you’re just eager to start at your new trade, you’re going to need some of these tools:

  • A memory wire
  • A stranded stringing cable
  • A beading thread
  • A silk thread
  • A stretch thread
  • A rubber cording
  • A fine chain and silk ribbon
  • Clasp
  • Jump ring
  • Pliers and scissors
  • Beads and Bead tips

Ready up your hands for work

For instance, if you were to make a braided bead necklace, you might not need all the aforementioned tools. This is how you’ll proceed:

1. Create bead strands

Cut your thread into 6 pieces, about 10 inches long, and onto your strings, thread your beads making sure to spread them apart in groups. You’ll then want to tie a triple knot in the strings with their tails trimmed. Slide your bead tips to the knots, and using your pliers, clamp the clam shells on the knots.

2. Attach the chain and make your braid

Clamp the ends of your bead strands to the jump ring and hook up the jump to one of your chains. You have a beautiful braided bead necklace.

making jewelry